Turbo Big Enough? ~ 1000hp 2JZ Honda S600

Posted by: Jesse Kleib on 11/18/2021

When the question “how much power is too much?” arises, there’s only one answer for this question: you can never truly have enough power!

Well, actually, if your goal is to maintain a look that isn’t akin to a rollerskate, maybe there is a limit to be had. Even though Phil Penny doesn’t want to put bigger slicks on the back of his Honda S600, we would say that 1000hp to the tires should make it get up and go!

After being stroked, cammed, filled with resin, and boosted by a little bit of forced induction, this Toyota 2jz powered coupe is able to blast into the high 7-second range all while being turned down on a conservative tune.

Check out the car that’s essentially a go-kart with a huge turbo strapped on top in the video below. This thing has to be an absolute blast to drive as the tiny amount of weight is pushed along by big power!