For many of us gear heads, we have been invested in cars in some way, shape, or form ever since we were young. Whether it was watching a family member wrench in the garage or potentially playing with Hot Wheels since before we could walk, automotive culture definitely has a way of creeping into life at an early stage for many of us.

For those of us who find passion in the automotive industry, there are a lot of ways that this passion can develop and unfold over the years. For example, as we get to the point where we can obtain that driver's license, it instantly becomes all about finding the next upgrade for our first car. From there, things can only spiral out of control to the point where maybe some of us even end up racing professionally.

For any professional racer or any car enthusiast, being immortalized with a Hot Wheels diecast car is nothing short of a dream. This time, it was Alex Laughlin and Speed Society's turn to be able to find our way into diecast form.

Let's just say that Hot Wheels has definitely evolved a lot since we were kids. For some reason, speaking purely from experience, I remember these things being a lot more simple back then than they are today. However, kids today will have the opportunity to grab a whole variety of different modified vehicles to play with. In fact, in many cases, lots of adults are just dying to get their hands on these things as well in order to add them to the collection.

For many of us, even as we age our way into adulthood, we can't help but stop by the toy aisle to see what the latest diecast cars on the market are. Those who find their way to a toy aisle later this month might just be able to grab the Chevrolet Corvette that you might see piloted by NHRA champ, Alex Laughlin donning the Speed Society logo.

Hurry, though, because the shelves might be wiped out before you know it!

Jesse Kleiber