10 Car Mods BANNED in America!

Posted by: Jesse Kleib on 11/17/2021

When it comes to our cars, it’s most certainly no secret that a gearhead can’t manage to leave good enough alone and after a while, if you have a high-performance vehicle or the best luxury car that you’d ever need, eventually, you’re going to want to end up making it better in some way. There’s something about the ability to personalize your car and modify it that’s really close to our hearts as we really fall in love with the process of taking a blank canvas and making it our very own. It’s something that pretty much every gearhead can find himself or herself engrossed in at one point or another.

Even though we really love taking our cars and transforming them into something else, that isn’t to say that everything that we do is necessarily the most legal thing on earth. Sometimes, because police officers will look the other way or simply have no way of testing out cars that you’re driving, people get to modifying them in this way anyway, making the machines the performance monsters that dreams are made of or the best looking car on the block. When it comes time for inspection or if you get pulled over, though, you’d better pray because some of these modifications definitely aren’t fit for the street, if you ask law enforcement.

If you follow along down in the video below, it’ll trace over 10 of the most common modifications that you’ll find on any car that also happen to be completely illegal. Sometimes, though, the juice is really worth the squeeze for some folks who decide that they want to go out and make their car their very own regardless of what the law says. After following along with this one, be sure to tell us which you think is the most ridiculous for being illegal and if there are any modifications that should be added to this list that people regularly decide to use.