1000 HP Alpha 12x GTR vs 1000 HP Corvette ZR1

Posted by: Jeremy Patterson on 11/17/2021

So we get the distinct feeling somebody is fibbing about their dyno numbers in this video. We’re not going to point fingers and say the GTR is sandbagging or that the ZR1 is fluffing his numbers, because we don’t know which is true. But it seems highly unlikely that two cars making the same power are going to be this drastically different when the throttles drop from a roll, especially with both of them being similar in weight and neither being drastically altered for aerodynamics.

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Regardless of whether or not these guys are telling the truth, this GTR absolutely waxes the ZR1 in both pulls, leaving the ‘Vette looking like it dropped anchor instead of the throttle. The first run looks to be reasonably close until the driver of the ZR1 appears to miss a shift, though the Nissan was easily pulling ahead. The second run is all GTR, with the Vette falling into the distance rapidly from the word “go”.

Video Credit – SIK Videos

It could just be that the GTR is able to deliver it’s power more effectively, but the difference is certainly staggering for two cars that are supposedly putting down the same numbers on the rollers.