1000 plus HP Nitrous 632 Big Block Chevy Hits The Engine Dyno!

Posted by: Jeremy Patterson on 11/17/2021

When it comes to building badass engines for a wide range of projects, from big-inch naturally aspirated powerplants to insane twin turbo big block setups that belt out horsepower by the truckload, Tom Nelson at Nelson Racing Engines is one of the nation’s premiere sources of power.

While he’s most widely known for his insane boosted builds, Nelson is perfectly comfortable and capable of building engines to utilize everybody’s favorite pushbutton power adder, nitrous oxide. While nitrous can certainly cause problems in an engine, a property tuned system can introduce extra horsepower in a complete safe manner, which is why many car owners still rely on the spray as their power adder of choice.

The engine Nelson is dynoing in the video below is a fairly basic 632″ big block Chevy with a small nitrous kit designed to add 200 HP to the tally. Watch as Tom demonstrates how the revs jump each time he hits the button to activate the nitrous, then shows us how to make a pull using the juice, which isn’t something we see often, since most nitrous engines aren’t dyno’d with the systems active. This engine made over 1,000 HP and nearly 1,100 ft/pounds of torque, which is pretty badass for a relatively small big block without exotic and expensive components.