1,000HP Dodge Demon First 1/4 Mile Test: 9.38 sec. @ 146.7 mph

Posted by: Jesse Kleib on 11/17/2021

Whenever a car comes out that really captures the attention of everybody in the performance community, you know that it’s only a matter of time before people get their hands on it and get to wrenching, taking the already stout platform and stretching it to the limits, seeing just how far it can really go with a little bit of love. This time, it’s none other than Hennessy Performance who is taking the likes of a Dodge Demon and trying to see if they can toy with the machine early on as they took their engineering background and applied it to what is currently one of America’s favorite muscle machines.

With a little bit of love via their HPE1000 package, which is able to accomplish just over 1000 hp at the crank and 880 hp at the wheels via an upper and lower pulley which are accompanied by bolt-ons and a tune, the car is able to hustle its way down the track, knocking home a 9.38-second pass that tallies up 146 mph in a quarter mile. It seems like they haven’t done much to this car but that might be one of the most beautiful things of the whole ordeal. Just a couple of small tweaks and modification and the Demon is able to power its way to a pass that is getting awfully close to the 8-second range and can lay claim to over 1000 hp. Welcome to the future of performance!

If you follow along in the video below, you will get to hear the beautiful shriek of the car as it roars to life and makes its way down the drag strip. There’s just something about this car that has the potential to tap into your heart to make you fall in love. We have to say that the Demon is really doing big things for the car community and we get the feeling that this is just the start.

9.38 sec. @ 146 mph Hennessey Demon 1/4 Mile Test

Hennessey Performance first 1/4 mile test the company's HPE1000 Dodge Demon: 9.38 sec. @ 146.7 mph. 0-60 mph: 1.93 sec.

Posted by Hennessey Performance on Friday, April 27, 2018