102-year-old lady arrested in pursuit of her lifelong dream

Posted by: Jesse Kleib on 11/18/2021

For most of us, while navigating through this thing that we call life, staying out of handcuffs may be at the forefront of our goals for good reasons. For this 102-year-old woman, getting into handcuffs was among her goals, in fact, it was something that she had been wanting to cross off of her bucket list for some time.

Now, this sweet old lady didn’t really want to do anything to break the law, but the police would step into help, arresting the woman and even throwing her in a set of cuffs to grant her wish. We would have to say that this small gesture is a good reward for being able to stay out of the justice system for over a century. Not many can or will be able to say that!

What are the things that are on your bucket list? What obscure items would you like to cross off your list of things to do before you leave this Earth?