1100hp Turbo 4x4 Silverado Short Bed SHREDS 4 Slicks!

Posted by: Jesse Kleib on 11/17/2021

When they rolled off of the assembly line, Chevrolet Silverado trucks were probably not machines that the people who were putting them together really expected to be any kind of speed demon. However, when gearheads get their hands on just about anything, they can take it from a regular driver to a race machine in a hurry!

This time, we ride out to Las Vegas to check out a regular cab, short bed Silverado from Holley’s LS Fest West that really cranks up the intensity with a couple of aftermarket components that really make this thing scream to the tune of 1180 hp. That’s enough to destroy a set of four Hoosier slicks after rolling through the water box.

With a 408 stroker topped with LSA heads under the hood and an S488 turbo from Borg Warner really pushing the air, this thing really cranks that dial on the muscle, managing to crack off a mid 9-second pass at 140 mph. To get the power to the ground, the truck actually utilizes a lot of stock components. The only thing underneath that we’re told is upgraded is the built 4L80 transmission.

Check out the BigKleib34 video down below that will take you inside of this truck and show you how the 4×4 monster does a rolling burnout, sending its slicks into smoke before digging in on the starting line and really launching down the track to impress everyone in attendance.