$1.3 Million Lamborghini Speedboat With 2,700 HP

Posted by: Matt Wright on 11/18/2021

$1.3 Million Lamborghini Speedboat With 2,700 HP

Every detail on this stunning $1.3 million dollar speedboat matches up with the Lamborghini Aventador that it was designed after. From the lights to the dashboard everything is right on queue.

The only things that don’t necessarily match are the price tag that’s double that of the car and the 2,700hp coming from the power plants. This thing rolls out on the water, but it looks like it isn’t quite as quick as the four wheeled freak that it was modeled after.

Check out the video below and go into this boat in detail, it’s amazing how much it resembles the real thing. Would you buy a boat like this or is this “Raging Bull” too crazy for your tastes?

This Donzi getting big air is PURE INSANITY! How did they survive this!?

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