$130,000 dollar buggy wads it up and crashes hard in Glamis!

Posted by: Jesse Kleib on 11/18/2021

No matter what motorsport you sink your teeth into, there is always going to be a pretty steep cost that is associated with making yourself competitive and building the best possible rig to get the job done whether it be going all-out in a straight line, conquerng hill climbs, or anything else!

This time, we head out to the Glamis Sand Dunes on Halloween night, a night that has been known to bring out so many to the dunes to party it up and make use of their respective rigs. This dude, however, wouldn’t be heading home that Halloween night without a quick fright first.

In this one, we watch as a $130,000 dude buggy comes ripping past the camera, when all of a sudden, it gets all out of whack and ends up going end over end a couple times before coming to a halt and rendering this thing incredibly damaged in a catastrophic display.

You can catch the carnage down in the video below that shows off the insane tumble that left this driver’s wallet hurting and probably left him with a sore neck and back as well.