1400hp 427ci LSx Twin Turbo Mustang | Dyno Wars

Posted by: Jesse Kleib on 11/17/2021

When you think about competitive drag racing, one of the most popular platforms around is the Ford Mustang Fox Body. These things have been chopped up, modified, and engine swapped in every single way that you could imagine but that’s okay for one simple reason: they work!

This time, we head out to Dyno Wars at Fonse Performance to check out Jace Nester’s incredible twin turbo Fox powered by 427 cubes of LSX power and to say that this thing is a real treat would be doing it an incredible injustice by selling it short. This machine really is a whirlwind for all the senses.

Check out the clip down below as the guys over at the TalonTSi 97 YouTube channel take us along for a ride as the car hits the rollers and roars to a monumental 1400 hp. If you want to make a mark and do your diligence in making sure that you’ll be able to handle the competition, this is most definitely a route to consider.