1780WHP Camaro Crashes And Flips At 200mph!

Posted by: Jesse Kleib on 11/18/2021

Racing is always dangerous no matter what form it’s in. The driver is aware of that danger and heck, it might even be what makes it more fun. This time, we check out some drone footage of a wreck that went down during a half mile exhibition.

“When Nacho headed out to the Shift S3ctor half mile in his violent twin turbo LSX Chevrolet Camaro, he would end up suffering one heck of a crash as he passed through the traps at nearly 200 mph before going on a wild ride.

According to him, one of the front wheels locked up and sent the car into a spin that would eventually lead to the car rolling over and completely tattering.

As the safety crew rushed out, they would discover that the passenger was unconscious, but after being transported to the hospital, both occupants would be deemed ok.

Thanks to properly installed safety equipment, this didn’t end up being the worst case scenario. The majority of the car might be toast, but Nacho even managed to walk around with a first place trophy! It seemed like Nacho managed to take the sullen incident alright and with that attitude, we’re sure he will be back out in no time!”

This is one sullen situation, but all parties involved are truly lucky to have maintained their health.