Posted by: Jesse Kleib on 11/18/2021

How much boost is too much? Trick question: you can never have enough boost!

How much boost is your ride making? 6psi? 10psi? Are you one of the rare ones making north of 30psi of boost? Well, whatever your situation, this turbo fed diesel dragster laughs at that weak sauce!

This video captured by Triple X Motorsports displays one of the biggest boost applications that we’ve ever seen! This drag car makes a monumental 140psi of boost! Yeah, you read that right. That wasn’t a typo. Watch this excellent display of power as this super quick dragster tears down the strip with a huge plume of black smoke floating behind it.

This may be the coolest, most extreme application that we’ve seen to date!

If You Thought That Was Crazy, Check This Out!

Screen Shot 2015-03-17 at 3.24.20 PM