150mph Nitrous Outlaw Mustang Drag Racing Crash!

Posted by: Matt Wright on 11/18/2021

150mph Nitrous Outlaw Mustang Drag Racing Crash!

While it might be difficult to watch, the big crash situation is still a very prevalent part of drag racing. This time, a very clean nitrous injected Ford Mustang attempts to make its way down the track, but comes up just a little bit short.

Check out the clip of the accident below as the car spins out at 150mph and slams into the wall multiple times before coming to a screeching hault toward the end of the track.

Luckily, this bad boy has since been rebuilt since the 2013 accident and can be found making passes down the track yet again in all of its former glory, if not even better!

We aren’t sure how, but all ten of these drivers walked away from some brutal drag racing crashes!

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