Speeding Rider Splits Lanes In GSXR 1000 - BIG CRASH

Posted by: Matt Wright on 11/18/2021

Speeding Rider Splits Lanes In GSXR 1000 – BIG CRASH

This, ladies and gentleman, is why it might just be a good idea to be a good parent and keep a closer eye on your kids. What this 16-year-old did would leave any good parent’s stomach in a knot!

When the unlicensed driver somehow got a hold of a Suzuki GSX-R 1000 he went out on the town, gallivanting about and splitting lanes at dangerous rates of speed.

Check out the video below when his lane splitting turned bad as he managed to collide with traffic, sending him flying off of the motorcycle! Luckily he wasn’t injured too bad as he only sustained a broken arm and a bit of nerve damage.

From what we’re told, this isn’t stopping the rider as he is currently on the hunt for a new motorcycle.

This guy isn’t the first to be victimized by the bad decision of splitting lanes.