16-Year-Old Kid Steals Fox Body When Dad's Not Home, Street Races For Money

Posted by: Matt Wright on 11/17/2021

Street racing is something that some folks just can’t turn down. Many of us become addicted to horsepower and pick up the habit from a young age and when you get into it, many will attest to the fact that you simply can’t bring yourself to get back out of the hobby.

This time, we check out a youngster who is getting into the action, hitting the streets in his turbo Ford Mustang Fox Body at the age of just 16-years-old. Apparently, the car was scheduled to be a gift that dad was working on to give the kid for his 17th but this young man just couldn’t wait that long!

According to the guy behind the video, the kid would wait until dad was out of town and would steal the car right out from under him with the aim of taking it racing against a Cadillac CTS-V and trying to earn himself a little bit of spending cash in a $1000 race!

Check out the video below that tells the entire backstory and takes you to the scene that puts these two cars up against one another to see exactly how it’ll all pan out. The Mustang does manage to get a little bit of a jump off of the line, but the V is reeling it in mighty quickly. Will the race be worth the youngster’s while or will he be going home a little bit lighter in the pockets?