17 Year Old Girls INSANE Twin Turbo Camaro

Posted by: Matt Wright on 11/18/2021

17 Year Old Girls INSANE Twin Turbo Camaro

Alex Taylor is the youngest participant to ever hit the strip for Drag Week and from the looks of things, that by no means makes her a pushover at the event!

Last year, at sixteen, Alex was rocking out with a naturally aspirated LS1 setup that was good for 11-second passes. While that wasn’t too shabby for such a young competitor, or any competitor for that matter, she has come back even harder, this year with a twin turbo setup!

Check out the video below as Alex talks more about this impressive ride and about how she daily drives the monster to school every day. We’d say that a 9-second daily driven Chevrolet Camaro certainly isn’t bad for a high school student and there’s no telling what will be done to the ride next year!