1969 Pontiac GTO Clone First Drive... True Muscle Car!

Posted by: Jesse Kleib on 11/17/2021

Every single class of car has an appeal that makes it unique in and of itself. When we’re talking about American muscle machines, the fact that they just seems to be so raw and unrefined really makes these things stick out from the rest of the cars surrounding them. This time, we get an inside look at an old-school machine that has been brought new life as this 1969 Pontiac GTO clone is able to roar to life once again.

Urban Hillbilly Action Videos is on the scene to capture the moment as this classic ride fires up once again after laying dormant for far too much time. From the way the conversation here sounds, it looks like this owner has been working on the car for a good amount of time and has been raring and ready to go to bring this thing back to the streets once again. That moment is finally here!

Without a hood to speak of, the guys take this thing out on its initial run to shake off the cobwebs and really let that V8 in the engine bay roar once again. It might be a naturally aspirated setup, but from what they tell us here, the modified Oldsmobile 468 engine powering this beast of a clone can be expected to pack quite a heavy punch. It might not be the fastest thing on the streets, but from what we see here, this promising clone looks to be a joy to drive when all is said and done!

Check out the video below that helps you join in on the moment that had this owner smiling from ear to ear as he finally was able to turn this beast over once and for all and take it on its maiden voyage. There’s something about seeing all of someone’s hard work come to life that you really can’t help but enjoy! If you have ever spent those long hours in the garage, then you know exactly what this guy is feeling right about now.