$2.3 million Bugatti Veyron L'Or Blanc backs into a $1.4 million Ferrari LaFerrari

Posted by: Jesse Kleib on 11/18/2021

Just because you are able to shell out $2.3 million for a car doesn’t mean that you are any better of a driver for it. This time, we check out an ultra-rare Bugatti Veyron L’Or Blanc, a Bugatti that is fitted with porcelain inlays and also possibly the ugliest Bugatti ever made, as the driver tries and fails at wiggling their way out of a parallel parking spot.

Sure, it does look like the supercar has a plethora of blind spots but that doesn’t really explain why the driver throttled down into the $1.4 million Ferrari LaFerrari sitting behind him. This whole entire ordeal can only be described by one word and that word is “cringeworthy.”

A supercar spotter was standing by and filming both of the cars when the whole ordeal happened and it almost looks like nobody on the scene really knew what to do when it went down almost as if they were all in shock. A little bit of discretion would have gone a long way, here.

Join in on the scene in the video below and tell us what you think of what exactly unfolded. Mistakes definitely do happen and nobody is perfect but this is just one expensive mistake! The part that still has us confused is how the driver just drove away almost like nothing happened.