2 door or 4 door? Hellcat Challenger vs. Hellcat Charger

Posted by: Jesse Kleib on 11/18/2021

If the Mopar muscle machine is your thing, these days you can grab the top tier of cars in either a four-door or a two-door configuration to best meet your wants and needs.

We are talking of course of the Dodge Charger Hellcat and the Dodge Challenger Hellcat, respectively. You could look at how these cars perform on paper and say that they make the same amount of power but one weighs more and you would think that naturally one is faster than the other but what does it look like in real world?

This time, we find out the answer to exactly that question as a pair of Dodges go head-to-head and lock their horns down in Mexico to see which one is faster.

At one point, a Ford Mustang even gets thrown into the mix and we have ourselves a grand old time of street racing with these supercharged maniacs.

Check out the video below as throttles fly and these guys give it all that they’ve got to try and out accelerate that guy over in the next lane that looks awfully familiar.