200 mph on 315 Radial Tires! - Tulsa Raceway Park

Posted by: Jeremy Patterson on 11/17/2021

Mark Micke and Mark “Woody” Woodruff are two of the most well-known names in radial racing. They both have insanely cool hotrods and share a ton of history in small tire racing between them. They travel together, the pit together whenever possible and they and their crews are some of the most awesome guys you’ll ever meet. It just so happens that when it’s time to throw down on the track, the pair of Marks know how to get it done too.

Micke, who drives the blue Malibu seen in this video from Urban Hillbilly, and Woody, who pilots the sleek ZR1 C6, made the short jaunt from Missouri down to Tulsa Raceway Park where they took on the class in Radial vs the World. The pair is known for putting up huge speeds through the 1/8th mile, with Woody holding the MPH record in RvsW at 212 MPH until earlier this year when Micke took that crown by posting a 215 MPH lap, and even in the Oklahoma heat they managed to reel off a string of 200+ MPH passes to mow down the competition and meet each other in the final round.

After such ridiculously consistent and brutally fast passes all day and night, the final round was a bit of a let down after Micke turned on the dreaded red bulb while Woody finally found the breaking point for his sticky Mickey Thompson radials and spun the tires at the hit. Micke laid down another solid hit, though it’s impossible to make out the time or speed on the brightly lit scoreboard against the darkened Oklahoma sky. However, it seems likely it was another solid 3-second time at well over 200 MPH.

Look for these guys to lay down plenty of wicked runs this weekend at Duck X Productions’ Lights Out 9 at South Georgia Motorsports Park. Qualifying kicks off today and will continue until the first round of eliminations on Saturday night. This is the biggest radial race of the year and brings out all of the big guns with their hottest tune-ups, so the records just may fall again.