2018 Demon vs Hellcat Drag Race !! Stock 840 HP Demon vs 707 HP Hellcat - 1/4 Mile

Posted by: Jesse Kleib on 11/17/2021

It seems like every couple of years, something new and hot comes out that sweeps the performance community by storm, placing their attention on one particular vehicle or another. Most recently, that attention has been coming to the Dodge Demon and for good reason. This thing packs a lot of punch into one package, pretty much offering up a race car that you’re able to drive around on the streets with. In turn, it really makes you take a look at something like this and want to compare it to just about every single vehicle that there is out there.

In this one, we get the chance to take a look at 2018 Demon as it goes up against little brother in a Dodge Challenger Hellcat. Both cars are impressive, to say the least, but as you can probably imagine, one would think that big brother would pack a little bit more of a punch than the Hellcat. However, until now, we can’t say that we have seen a situation where both of the cars have been able to line up next to one another on the same drag strip. With a comparison like this, you really get to see a straight up difference between the two as they are battling with the same racing surface in the same environmental conditions that remove some of the variables in the comparison here that would otherwise exist when comparing cars racing on different tracks.

If you follow along below, you’ll be able to watch as these two cars ago at it in a straight up drag race. How much difference will there be between the two? I guess there’s only one way to find out but at the end of the day, I think that if you were found rolling down the street either one of these machines, it would be quite a way to make a nice impression.