2018 Ford GT - Just the Noise

Posted by: Jesse Kleib on 11/17/2021

Thanks to the wonders of the internet, the second that a vehicle comes out, we can poke inside and out of it. Even sometimes before it’s publicly available, we’ll be able to dig into every last nuance that any vehicle that you could ever want to know about has to offer. With companies doing their best to get these things in anybody’s hands who has any sort of substantial audience, you can get all kinds of different views from different perspectives that might pick certain aspects of the car apart and tell you what you need to know about them, either arming you with information if you’re looking to purchase one or helping you to lust over one that maybe you don’t have a bank account for quite yet.

However, even outside of learning all about these vehicles and seeing exactly what they’re made of, you can get yet another look at these cars that’s a little bit simpler and more unrefined but potentially more effective on the “making you fall in love with it” front. We tend to get lost in trying to figure out everything about these rides and compare certain cars so much that sometimes we forget to appreciate these machines for what they are. A video like this allows you to do just that as you can take a minute, kickback, and relax as you listen to the beautiful symphony that comes from the exhaust of a 2018 Ford GT.

In this one, we watch is Matt Farrah hops behind the wheel of one of Ford’s latest creation and every last bit of talking is edited out of the video as we just get pure sound, listening in to one of the most controversial cars of the 2018 model year. Sure, it might not have that V8 grumble anymore but we think that has been replaced with something that falls into its own and really gives the new GT that sought after reputation that the car has always managed to uphold.