Custom Creation Fuses 2019 Challenger Hellcat With 1969 Charger

Posted by: Jesse Kleib on 11/16/2021

Over the years, the muscle car has become a very nuanced beast. Back when the concept was first thought up, the whole point of a muscle machine was to have nothing more than power. The cars weren’t very comfortable and they didn’t have very many options. The entire premise was to strip down a car and combine it with a big engine. At the time, this caught on like wildfire. In fact, it would spark a whole new segment in automobiles. Over the years, though, it seems that the market has really evolved.

These days, some of the same concepts carry over. The muscle machine is still all about packing a lot of power into a smaller vehicle. However, it seems that our tastes as consumers have developed and changed the vehicles.

These days, even the most basic of cars will have way more options than the muscle machines of the past. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder on which one is better. Some like the simplistic take. Others appreciate the way that technology has been integrated to muscle machines. We would look at the debate but there will probably never be a definite answer there.

This time, we check out a creation that wanted to take the best of both worlds. With the likes of the modern Dodge Challenger Hellcat, we find many of the luxuries that would’ve previously only been expected in higher-end luxury vehicles.

Valanca Auto Concepts decided to combine those luxuries and the power provided by a Hellcat power plant with an older Dodge. The choice was one of the most iconic muscle cars of all time in the 1969 Dodge Charger. – six twelve autoworx

In the video below, we get some of that glory shots that show what this combination looks like. When modern meets classic, there are definitely some combinations that can really make our adrenaline rush.