247.25mph a NEW 1/2 Mile World Record set in Oregon by Speed Society’s Richard F. in our UGR-X Huracan.

Posted by: Jesse Kleib on 11/18/2021


Since its started, we’ve been big fans of Shift S3ctor‘s standing half-mile events. The constant quest for speed drove us to the 1/2 mile. The 1320 just wasn’t enough to do what we wanted to do. Our own Josh Kalis has been competing with his 1969 Camaro for awhile and our friends Richard and Ross Fowler have been some of the fastest around since they started. Formerly running Underground Racing Gallardo’s, they’re moving up to the newest Lamborghini offering; the Huracan.

Last weekend, we headed to McMinnville Municipal Airport in McMinnville, Oregon for Shift S3ctor’s second annual Oregon Airstrip Attack. We love these events and wanted to be there to support Richard’s attack on the standing half-mile record in his UGR-X Huracan.

The winner of our last sweepstakes, the You Pick Sweepstakes, came out to the event with his 1,000hp Forza 4R Hellcat he won from us! It’s always good to see the giveaway cars being used and see how much he loves driving the monster of a car.


We have to give a big shoutout to Jason Huang for putting on an awesome event as always. A lot of people and a lot of incredibly fast cars showed up. First up, our own Richard Fowler took the record with a 241. Then Gidi took it back in his Underground Racing Lamborghini with a 243.24mph run. Richard took the title back by the end of the weekend wiping out the competition in his Underground Racing X twin-turbo Huracan.

It was hard not to celebrate Richard’s victory in the Huracan. No holding back. The team at ACG Automotive and Underground Racing helped bring the record home to the Fowler household. Don’t think you’ve seen the last of the Fowlers. They’re always on the quest for speed. What’s next? 250mph in the standing half-mile, here we come!