300HP Suzuki Hayabusa Battle - Turbo vs Nitrous!

Posted by: Jesse Kleib on 11/17/2021

For those who choose to race motorcycles, many may think of those individuals could be a little bit crazy and I think that those on the bikes will even admit to that idea a bit. I mean, after all, hopping on such an iron horse and rocketing to massive speeds can be quite the situation to get your kicks from, however, one false move will really leave you in peril.

However, that doesn’t stop folks from ripping on their motorcycles and going head-to-head in some fast-paced racing action. Heck, some people even get down to modifying so much that they take things to another level entirely.

In this one, we get to see a couple of guys who just so happen to decide that a stock Suzuki Hayabusa wasn’t quite enough for them and therefore, they go with a little bit of a power adder in order to spice things up a little bit. Where the interesting part lies is that one of the riders has a turbo strapped onboard and the other is infused with nitrous, making the equation set up perfectly for a little bit of a head-to-head battle to see which one of these machines will take the cake. It’s really shaping up to be one that you have to feast your eyes on.

When we follow along down in the video below from the guys over at That Racing Channel, you’ll be able to see exactly how this one unfolds and which of the power adders prevails in this battle that might just get your adrenaline flowing, even as a spectator watching a screen. After watching how these guys are able to get into it, you may just find yourself wanting to head out there and take a crack at the racing surface on two wheels!