$350 BMW E36 vs V8 E36 Tug-Of-War Battle

Posted by: Jesse Kleib on 11/17/2021

If there is a group of guys who definitely know how to have fun at work, our friends over at Hoonigan seem to have that whole idea down pat as they take chunks of time out of their day to partake in some of the wildest and craziest stunts that you’ve seen filmed and posted to the web!

Thanks to their series known as the Daily Transmission, we’re able to take a look inside of exactly what it is that these guys get into on a regular basis and every time, you leave the episode wishing that you were there to experience exactly what was that they did that day.

Today, we drop in as a pair of BMWs go at it in a tug-of-war battle that has them tied up to the rear and trying to pull one another across the parking lot all while shredding a bunch of rubber in the process. Ride along with the display in the video below as these guys go all out and have the time of their lives!