4 Simple Hacks To Make Life Easier

Posted by: Matt Wright on 11/18/2021

Oh Mr. Gear, how you have become one of the most obscurely entertaining channels on YouTube, showing us interesting little household hacks that we would have never thought to be useful until they were carried out right in front of our eyes.

This time, Mr. Gear steps to the plate with yet another group of hacks that will grab your attention and make you want to get crafty. While a lot of his experiments seem to be nothing more than entertaining to watch, this group promises to have a couple of items that you might want to use for yourself.

We see him carry out a couple of projects ranging from a homemade stamp to a couple of lighting fixtures. Out of all of these, we think of the most useful would have to be the soda can safe and the lantern made out of a bottle filled up with water.

Check out the newest group of experiments from Mr. Gear below and tell us if you think that you’re going to try out any of these for yourself. If you already have, be sure to share your experience. Was it as easy as it looked? Do you find it to be useful?