$5+ MILLION McLaren P1 GTR Hits The McDonald's Drive Thru Before Off-Road Donuts and Drifting!

Posted by: Jesse Kleib on 11/17/2021

It seems like, in the world of high-end automobiles that the decision on how to wield them can be split, especially when it comes to the vehicles that lean more toward a performance orientation. Naturally, one would think that anybody with a decent head on their shoulders could see how, after spending millions of dollars on a car, how someone wouldn’t want to go out there and abuse it. This type of safe driving practice in order to keep the quality of the car might include something like avoiding driving on rainy days or really putting the vehicle in any sort of situation where damage can be inflicted.

On the other side of that coin, though, there resides a group of folks who would love to see just about every performance automobile driven in the way that it was designed to be driven. For those who haven’t invested in a multimillion-dollar car, it can be easy to wonder why the owners of these things just go out there and beat on them. While we can definitely see why someone wouldn’t want to destroy a high dollar automobile, it turns out that the owner of this 5 million dollar McLaren P1 GTR really couldn’t care less about keeping this car absolutely perfect and he’s really showing it.

By following along with the video below, we are in for quite the treat, getting to see how exactly the driver here wants to really stretch the legs out on this thing, taking the 5 million dollar feat of engineering through a series of drifting and donuts along with hitting the McDonald’s drive through and eventually, the best part, which entails plowing through a field at wide open throttle, really kicking up some dust in a display that we think just about everybody should see.