5-Second Twin Turbo Hellcat DESTROYS Quarter Mile (Street Outlaws Vixen!)

Posted by: Jesse Kleib on 11/16/2021

Have you ever wondered what a No Prep Kings competitor could do if they went all-out in the quarter-mile? This time we find out.

There are some cars running around out there that simply have our jaws glued to the floor. All it takes is a couple of seconds and we can’t get our minds off of what we just witnessed. That’s generally the case for the cars that run down the strip in front of the packed house that one is sure to find at the annual Import vs Domestic World Cup Finals.

This time, we check out a ride from last November’s event that had the crowd on the edge of their seats. Some might recognize “Vixen,” the twin-turbo Dodge Challenger Hellcat from Street Outlaws No Prep Kings. When the car traveled with the series, it certainly made some noise.

However, this time, we watch as the machine has transferred from the world of no prep to prep racing. In addition, the Hemi will be making its way down the quarter-mile which is new for Vixen as well. Typically, these sorts of rides end up taking on the eighth-mile in series like No Prep Kings.

To the casual spectator, they might think that it’s as simple as slapping your car on the prepared surface, turning it up, and rolling. After all, it probably takes a little bit more to dial in a machine to an unprepared surface than a prepped surface, or so one would think.

As it turns out, each format of race provides its own series of challenges. Therefore, the car equipped with a 528 cubic inch Disoma all-billet Hemi engine and twin 94mm turbos would have to go through quite a few changes.

By following along with the video below from BigKleib34, we’re able to get the lowdown on the car. This includes the story of how it made its transition from no prep to screaming down the quarter-mile to a 5-second pass in front of thousands of spectators.