5000hp Quad Turbo Drama - DEVEL SIXTEEN Engine Development

Posted by: Jesse Kleib on 11/18/2021

5000hp Quad Turbo Drama – DEVEL SIXTEEN V16 Engine Development

What’s big, bad, and clad with four turbos that has been causing quite the stir as of late? The answer to that would be the Devel Sixteen hypercar and its monumental powerplant.

For starters, all four of the turbos measure 81mm and force enough air into the v16 to create 3000hp on pump gas at 20psi which they consider low boost.

Why has this car been causing such a ruckus? Well, when the speculation began, we were told that it would produce an astonishing 5000hp and most folks were calling bull.

Now, however, when they crank it up, the engine is able to produce 4000hp at 30psi and 4500hp at 36psi before maxing out the dyno at Steve Morris Engines.

Check out the video below that shows off the ins and outs of this extreme power machine and tell us what you think of it. With the dyno maxed out at 4500hp, how much does this thing really make?