Goober Pulls 5th Wheel Camper Backwards with a Bumper Hitch!

Posted by: Jeremy Patterson on 11/17/2021

If you haven’t had a WTF moment today, we’d like to hand deliver this one on behalf of Speed Society.

This clip is short and sweet, short enough to play three times in the one-minute video in fact. However, when you see it, you’ll be glad it plays over and over. We sat in disbelief as this clip played, dumbfounded by what we were looking at. In fact, we still aren’t even sure how this driver managed to mate his SUV to the rear bumper of this 5th wheel camper, but as you can clearly see, he managed to hook it up.

Obviously, this is far from ideal for several reasons. First of all, the distance from the rear wheels of the SUV to the axles under the camper is far too short to handle well. This short distance will also make the rig nearly impossible to reverse. The most obvious problem is going to come with weight distribution, though. As you can clearly see, the huge overhang of what is now the rear of the travel trailer, the end that would normally be secured to the hitch in the bed of a pickup, has literally pulled the rear of the SUV up higher than it should be. This causes a host of handling problems, such as lack of traction and ill-handling.

Not only does this look absolutely ridiculous, but it’s very dangerous, not only to the guy behind the wheel of the rig itself, but every other car on the road with him. Under braking, the rear of this SUV could be lifted completely off the ground, sending it sliding either direction out from behind the Yukon XL, sending it off the road or into any vehicle that may be in the lane beside him. We can only hope this guy rigged this up for a temporary solution and isn’t hauling this camper very far like this.