6-second turbo Suzuki Hayabusa, "NO FEAR"

Posted by: Matt Wright on 11/18/2021

6 second turbo Suzuki Hayabusa, “NO FEAR” Pro Street motorcycle

The “No Fear” Suzuki Hayabusa really lives up to its name in this one as it clocks off six consecutive 6.8x passes. It really takes some guts to ride like that when the bike reaches speeds of over 200mph.

Check out what the uploader had to say, “Jeremy Teasley is the first Pro Street rider and bike to break into the 80’s Club with six consecutive 6.8x second passes at well over 200 mph over a two day weekend.

With the help of Rodney Williford tuning the John Drake built motorcycle piloted by Jeremy Teasley takes the NHDRO Pro Street Championship with this amazing performance to become the NHDRO #1 Plate Holder for the 2015 season!”