61 Cubic Inch 1915 Indian Boardtrack Spitting Flames!

Posted by: Jeremy Patterson on 11/17/2021

Now this is cool right here, folks! What you’re looking at is a 102 year old Indian motorcycle that, with a little love and the touch of a knowledgeable hand, has been restored to full working order. The bike, a 1915 model Boardtrack racer that was found dismantled in an Australian collection a few years ago. With an eight valve engine with ports from the combustion chamber, the bike spits flames from the heads themselves as well as out the exhaust.

We aren’t sure if this is intentional, or if the flames will go away when the tune gets refined and running like it’s supposed to, but it certainly looks cool. We’d love to see this thing cruising down the road with flames jumping out of the engine and the pipes like this, especially at night, where the flames would be even more visible! We have to admire the dedication it takes to rebuild a bike this old and get it fired up and running. Even with modern bikes making far more horsepower and ripping at speeds this bike would never see, there’s a certain appeal to this type of motorcycle that just isn’t found with today’s offerings.

We would love to see what happens with this bike once it is fully operational, as it would be awesome to see a bike that’s over one hundred years old back on the road. We can’t imagine the looks of amazement – and likely some of utter confusion – from other motorists seeing this antique bike on the road. It doesn’t look like it would bee too comfortable to ride for long, though, as there’s no visible suspension and even the small tires don’t look like they’d be very forgiving. However, if we had the chance, we’d definitely take turns going for a ride around the block on this badass bike from a bygone era.