70-year-old man Hitting some gears on his 67 Mustang!

Posted by: Jesse Kleib on 11/17/2021

For some folks, retirement might look a lot like a beach, hanging out in a reclining chair with a cold drink and nothing but the waves rolling in and washing back out again. Your biggest worry will be making sure that your drink stays cold and that the clouds stay away.

However, for this 70 -year-old man, he prefers to keep adrenaline in his diet as much as humanly possible as he heads out in his 1967 Ford Mustang and films a little bit of a video to share with the Internet to show off his inner badass to the world.

No, this stout classic Ford isn’t an automatic, he might be 70 years old, but this guy is heading out there and rowing gears with his manual transmission like a complete boss. Check out the video below that shows the 70-year-old man banging gears and showing that he’s still got it!