8 Second Supra HUGE Wheelie! Got Boost???

Posted by: Jesse Kleib on 11/18/2021

Whether you’re an import fan, a domestic fan, or somewhere in between, a well put together Toyota Supra is a car that most enthusiasts can agree on.

This time, we check out one gnarly Supra from Trinidad that seems to have a very healthy fixation with yanking the front wheels off of the ground and making sure that they stay up!

Even after the wheelie display that this thing puts on at the starting line, it doesn’t seem to hesitate from blasting down the lanes to an 8-second flat pass that should have heads turning.

Just imagine how quick this thing could be if the crew got it to launch flat without the driver having to peddle out of the throttle.

Check out the video below of the Toyota in action and be sure to tell us what your thoughts are about this hard launching, torque producing machine.