800 Shot of Nitrous Sprayed on The Dyno... 600 Cubic Inch Big Block Malibu

Posted by: Jesse Kleib on 11/17/2021

You know what they say, modifying your car is really like any of the most extreme addictions that you can think of. Once you get going, sometimes, you just can’t stop even though it might mean dumping all of the money that you’ve got into catching up with that next modification that may be able to shave just a tenth of a second off of your elapsed time or help you to pull a car length ahead of the competition.

This time, we check out a rather rowdy Chevrolet Malibu that hits the dyno rollers with a pretty healthy amount of modification that includes a shot of nitrous but this isn’t just any old shot, this car, per the video description, is spraying a whopping dry 800 shot. No, your eyes aren’t deceiving you! You might see bigger hits of nitrous in all-out race cars, but you’d never expect all that out of this machine!

This time, we tune into the testing session on the rollers as the car screams to life, sounding downright angry as it lights the candles, spitting flames out of the exhaust while it makes all kinds of power at the rear tires. I most certainly wouldn’t want to run into this machine a dark alley.

If you’ve ever wondered what a massive shot of nitrous on the dyno looks like in a car that looks relatively like a street car, you can check out this screaming monster down in the video below. Be sure to tell us what you think of how this car acts as it absolutely makes a complete scene but manages to lay down all kinds of power, we’re sure. It isn’t stated exactly how much power it makes because it’s a grudge car but you probably wouldn’t be wrong in assuming that it’s quite a lot.