9 and 10-Year-Old Change the Oil on GTO by Themselves!

Posted by: Jesse Kleiber on 12/06/2021

Even for those among us who are the most experienced around an engine bay, we all had to start somewhere.

For the vast majority of those who know a little something about cars, that "somewhere" is likely with changing the oil. As pretty much the most basic task that one can carry out when it comes to automotive maintenance, changing the oil is something that's very important and something that we learn about when we first get our foot in the door.

For many of us, we probably don't have that early moment that got us into the automotive world in the first place on video. However, on Flying Sparks Garage, we get to see that moment for a couple of youngsters as they take on their first ever oil change.

This time, Jax, age 9, and Eliah, age 10, take on in oil change with the help of Emily and her "Roxy" GTO.

Down in the video below, Emily gives the youngsters every direction in the step-by-step process to get that oil changed. She says that the idea is to let the kids do the entire job themselves but sometimes, that's a little bit easier said than done when it comes to being a good teacher!

At the end of the day, though, it's pretty neat to watch kids learn a little something about the hobby and do the whole thing by themselves. Who knows? This could be the moment they look back on as the one that triggered their lifelong love for everything with an engine!

Down below, we get to join in on the moment in the garage that's pretty neat to watch.

How old were you the first time that you learned how to change the oil? Did you do it on your own the first time or did someone jump in to help?