900HP McLaren 720S Sets New 1/4 Mile Drag Racing Record For Quickest McLaren

Posted by: Jesse Kleib on 11/17/2021

When you take a look at a machine like a McLaren, normally you wouldn’t immediately picture the drag strip. While the car is a performance powerhouse, straight-line racing doesn’t necessarily seem like a scene that would appeal to the McLaren crowd. However, on the other hand, maybe the people behind the wheel of these machines should think a little bit more about quarter mile racing because what we see here from the DragTimes YouTube channel, these machines really kill it in near stock form out on the strip. We’re talking some pretty big numbers, folks!

Now, we definitely get that these cars aren’t cheap to come by if you were to buy one off the showroom floor and maybe you should expect some pretty big things out of such a budget, but its difficult to be fast in the quarter mile no matter what the car costs sometimes! Even in this scenario, from a video like this, it looks like the McLaren grouping does a pretty superb job of being able to hand the environment of the drag strip. Just because the car makes a lot of power doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s going to do great in a situation like this but McLaren’s machines come through with flying colors, here!

If you follow along down the video below, you’ll be able to witness a track session as these machines end up flying down the strip, proving that they can hold their own out there in the quarter mile. In addition, we eve get to see the opportunity as a tuned version of the McLaren 720S has at the strip and ends up setting a trap speed record as the car ends up bashing home a pass that tops 145 mph! If you ask us, that’s definitely swinging above its weight class with the more modified machines!