A Fabricators Dream Car - "Valyrian Steel" SEMA 2015

Posted by: Andy Smith on 11/18/2021

A Fabricators Dream Car – “Valyrian Steel” SEMA 2015

While it might just seem like cars have become another part of our busy lives, deep down inside, there’s at least small part of us that becomes an artist when modifying our rides.

This time, that concept is taken to the extreme through a car known as “Valyrian Steel” that is nothing short of a fabricator’s dream as you can tell how much work this took to put together just by looking at it!

With each and every glance, a new part of the Ford powered car comes to light as the twists, turns, and surprises never seem to end with this one-off piece of artwork.

Check out the video below that shows off the hard work and dedication coming to life in a showpiece that’s larger than life and more than fit to headline the 2015 SEMA show.