A helmet with a beak can easily cause whiplash, Man riding through desert experiences this first hand

Posted by: Jesse Kleib on 11/18/2021

When riding along on a motorcycle, a helmet is most certainly essential equipment, but some not all helmets are made alike.

On some helmets that you will commonly see being used in dirtbike riding, a beak will be attached to the front and this can be a big help in protecting your eyes from the sun.

However, this rider who chose to have a beak on his helmet while riding through the desert would soon live to regret it as it almost caused him whiplash!

Watch closely as he is simply riding along, when all of a sudden, the wind grabs up the beak and snatches his head backwards, nearly causing some severe whiplash.

Check out the video below because this flick might just make you cringe and feel the harsh sensation running up and down your neck!