A Kamaz T4 Dakar Beast Truck Tears Up a Back Country Road

Posted by: Jesse Kleib on 11/18/2021

On the outside, the Kamaz T4 Dakar truck might look like an ice cream truck that’s been injected with steroids to ready it for the zombie apocalypse, but underneath, it’s a whole different animal.

Instead of a sluggish brick, the monstrous truck boasts a completely trick suspension and close to 1000 hp that helps it hit jumps in style unlike anything else of similar stature.

This time, we check out some action as the monstrosity does battle with a Volkswagen rally car on Rally Finland’s iconic Ouninpohja stage.

Check out the video below as the brute of a truck goes head to head with a 318 hp Volkswagen Polo R WRC, a car that has won in Finland three times!