A Philadelphia tow truck company is supposedly setting traps to impound cars

Posted by: Jesse Kleib on 11/18/2021

If you have ever lived in a major city or even traveled to one, you know that the parking situation in said cities can be a mess with more people than there is space and when you throw cars into the equation, well, everything goes haywire.

As if figuring out parking for yourself wasn’t hard enough, this video posted on Facebook insists that one Philadelphia tow truck company isn’t doing much to help the issue.

In this video filmed from a window above the street, the uploader insists that this tow truck company has placed a pickup truck in a spot that would make it difficult for a person parking behind it to decipher that it’s illegal to park there.

When they then find that someone has parked in the spot that has set up the target for failure, the pickup truck is moved and the car is towed away probably to leave the owner of said vehicle with a hefty tow bill.

If all of this is true and the company is really abusing their power by setting up towing traps, not only is it a shame, but it gives all of the actual hard working tow truck drivers in Philadelphia and around the country a bad name that they truly don’t deserve.

So this is a Bait Trap in front of my building in Philadephia! The tow company parks a car there and pushes the sign back 50 feet behind a fence .. Then they wait for someone to pull up behind the truck in what looks to be parking in front of a vacant lot..then they move the truck they planted .. Tow the car quickly and put the truck back for the next victim … I watch multiple cars fall trap to this everyday and it really bothers me . Please help me share this video so they can stop stealing from so many people by tricking them into parking there!! This should be so illegal it's crazy to me !!

Posted by Chris Norman on Monday, August 22, 2016