Airplane Tries to Take off on Public Street, Head on Collision Ensues

Posted by: Jesse Kleib on 11/17/2021

Whenever you think that it’s safe to say that you’ve seen it all, usually, another situation will come out of the woodwork that makes your eyes nearly pop out of your head, wondering exactly how certain things happen in such a way that, well, it’s hard to explain. In this situation, you would think that if somebody were trying to launch an airplane from a public street, they would have everything set up in such a way where it wouldn’t be dangerous for either of the occupants of the plane or anyone that could stand in the way of that plane heading into the sky.

However, instead of doing anything of the like, which probably wouldn’t result in a viral video like this, we watch as the pilot of the small airplane attempts to take off, not putting together enough speed in order to gain lift and get the plane in the sky, as the airplane begins to move down the street before being greeted by a vehicle in the way. It’s kind of hard to say that you crashed your car into an airplane but this individual is able to now put that one on their list of achievements that they have scripted into their resume.

If you follow along with video below, you’re more likely than not be witnessing the most obscure situation that you have seen all day. After something like this happens, we’re not even sure how either of these parties would go about explaining it all to their insurance company. The poor employee that ends up having to deal with this is going to really be thrown off track when they’re trying to comprehend how someone’s day ended with an airplane propeller crashing through their hood.

Never say you have seen it all. Come look at this…

Posted by Stevo Wamother on Wednesday, May 16, 2018