Akron Police impersonator Finally Gets Caught and Has Been Arrested

Posted by: Jeremy Patterson on 11/17/2021

We’ve all been told to be aware of police imposters, especially warning our wives, daughters and other female loved ones to take whatever precautions necessary to avoid these ill-intentioned criminals.

There are countless stories of regular Joes sourcing a convincing cruiser and donning a full uniform and hitting the highways to prey upon innocent victims. They will use the power and fear of the badge to victimize random citizens, pressuring them into unspeakable deeds in exchange for letting them go without a ticket, or sometimes going as far as abducting and killing them.

So when police in Akron got call from a fellow officer about an imposter trying to pull him over, they sprung into action, quickly stopping and arresting him. David Scofield was driving a convincing replica police interceptor Crown Victoria, and he had a full uniform and a stash of weapons. He was taken into custody, potentially saving the life of Scofield’s next potential victim.