All four tires off the ground, 1100hp turbo Fox Body bumper stand

Posted by: Jesse Kleib on 11/18/2021

It’s always insane to see cars that have enough pure power to yank up the front tires in a violet wheelstand that provides a spectacle for the crowd.

This time, we ride along at Holley LS Fast as a turbo Chevy-powered Ford Mustang not only pulls the front two wheels off of the ground, but the back two as well!

This thing launches so hard that it stands right up on the bumper, forgetting that it was a car for a moment as it takes flight before coming down hard.

In the end, the ride only suffered minimal damage, but the hit was enough to put it out of competition for the rest of the day before getting some simple repairs done.

Check out the video below as the BigKleib34 cameras were rolling to capture all of the action that this rowdy machine put on the table!