All Motor Mustang Puts Up Monster Numbers At Lights Out 9

Posted by: Jeremy Patterson on 11/17/2021

Some call it “all motor”. Some call it “naturally aspirated”, I call it “badass” and you’re about to see why! In a world where heads-up racing is all but dominated by cars with blower, turbos or nitrous, there aren’t too many places left for the guys who want to get it done on pure horsepower alone. I’ve always been a huge fan of NHRA Pro Stock, a class that doesn’t allow power adders, and the PDRA has Mountain Motor Pro Stock, a class with similar rules to NHRA but allowing much more when it comes to displacement.

Many heads-up classes that allow power adders and use weight breaks to level the playing field allow for all motor cars to run and run at a very lightweight, but rarely does anybody spend the kind of time and money necessary to to build an engine that is capable of making the kind of power to compete with those running nitrous, blowers or turbochargers.

In the world of Ultra/Ultimate Street, though, the rules are more suited to have a naturally aspirated car be competitive with the power adder cars due to tighter restrictions on those power adders, but that still requires one badass powerplant under the hood of a lightweight hotrod.

Michigan native Alex Hayes just so happens to have those pieces of the puzzle in place, with a sinister naturally aspirated engine powering his gorgeous blue Fox Body Mustang in U/S. Not only is Hayes competitive in the class, he’s the world record holder and one of few guys who can say the rest of the class would probably love to see him ADD a power adder to level the playing field.

Our friend and partner Hans from Free Life Films grabbed some awesome footage of Alex putting the hurt on the rest of the field at Lights Out 9, where he was a low qualifier and the safe bet to win the race. However, parts breakage ended his day early. Look for him to be back up and running soon and on the hurt to lower his own world record and make those power added boys cry some more!