All The Boost Makes this Jeep a 7-Second Machine

Posted by: Jeremy Patterson on 11/17/2021

This Jeep is purely badass, and has more than enough power to back up its “mean eyes” headlights!

Powered by a 401 CID small block Ford with a massive 88mm turbocharger that puts out an estimated 1345 HP, this 1976 Jeep chassis certainly stands out in a crowd of cars, especially when it’s ripping off single-digit quarter mile ET’s! The first pass is a bust, with the Jeep losing traction at the hit of the throttle and rolling through the 60 foot clocks barely above idle, yet it still screamed to nearly 160 MPH out the back door.

video credit – BigKleib34

Coming back around, the Jeepster makes a great run alongside Rick Prospero’s LS-swapped RX7, but the scoreboards were turned off so we don’t know how quick that pass was. However, there was time for one more run alongside a nitrous-huffing Mustang, and the Jeep turned up the wick and lowered it’s best ET into the 7-second zone with a wicked 7.96 at 170 MPH, firmly establishing it as one of the most insanely quick Jeeps on the planet!