Angry, Crazy & Jealous People vs Cars / Supercars

Posted by: Jesse Kleib on 11/17/2021

Sometimes, you will see people doing things that truly blow your mind. It’s really unclear why certain people act in certain inexplicable ways, however, when you see these actions, they can really make your blood boil at times as you fail to explain why someone would act like this. In this one, we take a look at people reacting to expensive cars in the most negative ways that you could possibly imagine. Most of these people really questionable in their decision-making as it appears as if sometimes their jealousy shines brighter than their ability to make the logical choice of not being a piece of .

Each one of these offenses almost seems to get worse than the last as these misguided individuals do everything they can to ruin the day of people who own cars that are incredibly expensive. Whether they act out by stealing emblems, scratching up the cars, or simply beating on them in some other way, most of these clips don’t really make sense. I could never really see myself going out and damaging somebody’s property for what seems like no reason at all. Even when provoked, there are better ways to come out on top. Jealousy is incredibly ugly and, in this one, it gets unleashed on a bunch of various vehicles that maybe drew a little bit too much of the wrong type of attention to themselves for one reason or another.

Follow along with the video below as these offenses really will make you scratch your head and wonder why these people are acting out in such ways. You can follow along with this wild display that shows what people are really capable of when they think nobody is watching, heck, some of them even do it in front of a crowd! Be sure to tell us which of these offenses you find to be the worst of the bunch. Even if you don’t own a car like one of the ones pictured here, this is enough to be quite the infuriating experience.