Audi R8 crashes hard at the Nurburgring, Driver and passenger walk away

Posted by: Matt Wright on 11/18/2021

Every time that you head out to a race track, you take the risk of crashing and destroying whatever car it is that you choose to subject to the racing surface. Basically, you had better be careful or else you could be walking home with a lot less than what you started with.

This time, we check out one of the most famous tracks in the world at the Nurburgring as this Audi R8 driver is excited to get underway and one slight misstep sends the car into a wall and does some incredibly intense damage, in all likelihood of rendering the car totaled.

It’s a cringeworthy display as the car comes around the corner and loses control, diving straight into the wall and sending body panels into disarray. You can’t help but feel for this guy as he went out for a day of racing and ended up in a bad spot.

Check out the video below as the ring claims yet another victim. Luckily, the driver and passenger were both able to walk away from the incident which is the most important part. However, it looks like that car is completely toast.

Audi R8 crashes hard at the Nurburgring

Posted by Jeff Chin Photography on Monday, October 17, 2016